Motion graphic and CGI are two of the most requested services here at DRK. Our experience is combined with a cutting-edge technology to reach the highest levels of quality. Accordingly on the nature of the work, a project may be developed entirely by our design department.

DRK have been involved in video production since 2001. Our passion for the details and our skill makes us one of the leading company in post production. DRK offers a complete range of professionals, all committed to exceed expectations on a wide variety of projects.


Our studio fits all the need of an high-end production. With its 800 m2 and 4 m wide driveway, the studio allows big sets with different scenographies.

Very close to the Verona city centre, the A4 and A22 highway and the Valerio Catullo Airport, our facilities are easily reachable for both people and extra technical equipment.

Cyclorama & Multiset

Inside the studio facilities there is a complete white cyclorama which can be painted upon request for chroma key shots purposes. The floor surface can also be used for build different sets with different scenographies, allowing multiple shooting on the same day.

Make-Up & Hairstyling

We provide all the necessary to let the make-up artists and the hairdressers work on models and actors. A proper room is dedicated. Running water, mirrors, benches and power plugs are available. All the professionals can be hired upon request.


All the models and actors need the proper garments and accessories before every shooting. DRK services offer a wide range of stylists from which to choose, any of them with different qualities.

Camera, Light & Rig

We provide all the gear your production might need, from the latest camera to all the lighting equipment. DRK has chosen ARRI as main equipment supplier.

VFX & 3D

DRK is proud to be one of the fewest production companies in Italy who can shoot and also post-produce the footage with cutting-edge visual effects.

From CGI to compositing our artists help to shape some of the most thrilling images on our screens.

Food Styling & Kitchen

Part of our work is focused on food advertising, for this reason one of our priority designing the studio was to have a full furnished kitchen close to the set, where our food stylists have the chance to work freely.

Scenography & Carpentry

To realize several productions a week require a whole crew of scenographers, carpenters, painters and decorators who build different sets to meet the screenplay directions.

Create the perfect set is the first step for the best shot and to exceed clients’ expectation.


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